Sukošan real estate (2)

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Sukošan is a small town located in the vast bay of Zlatna luka. The first original written mention of Sukošan as a settlement dates back to 1289. The beauty of the Sukošan bay and the mildness of its climate is best evidenced by the summer residence of the archdiocese of Zadar - Palac, built on an artificial island in the middle of the bay at the end of XV. in which the church dignitaries of the city rested. Today, only his modest remains are reminiscent of this, which nevertheless indicate his former magnificence. There is also the extremely famous D-Marin Marina Dalmacija. It extends over 35 hectares of land, just as much in the sea, with its 1,200 fully equipped moorings in the sea, as well as over 300 land moorings and a beautiful beach. Beaches in Sukošan: Dječji raj, Makarska, Zlatna luka.
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