Why choose us

Why choose our real estate agency for real estate sales?

Any real estate agency believes that it has a unique way of doing it, something that can be single out from other agencies. 

Agencies, of course, have their own way of working or individual access to the real estate presentation, access to the seller and the buyer, language communication skills, the guarantee they provide to their customers, later services, helping the buyer around the future property, building laws, and similiar. 

As a priority of our agency, we would highlight the following:
  • We take a majority of real estate listings near the agency's headquarters (at the distance of up to 1 hour from the office by car) for the purpose of providing a better presentation of real estate to the buyers with the knowledge of the local specifics.
  • We are available to our sellers and customers 365 days a year on their real estate within our scope of activity (for consultation on real estate documentation, real estate insurance, minor repairs and contact with the masters, when providing facility maintenance services or just because you need some help at any related to Croatian laws, annual taxes, overheads and other possible documents)
  • We work with the 3% commission (VAT included) with sellers / buyers who sign a mediation contract directly with us. Because of the business relationship we warranty for our work. The seller as well as the buyer is entitled to the insurance on our part.
  • We have a German native speaker employed , born in Germany (German parent). He spent most of his life in the Croatian environment, educated in Croatia and passed the Croatian state exam for mediating real estate sales and knowing the Croatian laws well.
  • Also in the agency is a native speaker of the Hungarian language, born in Croatia along the Hungarian border (Hungarian parent). He has been educating and living in Croatia and has passed the Croatian State Exam for mediation in the sale of real estate. Has good knowledge of Croatian laws and has experience in construction, laws on spatial planning and construction, in project management, especially in reviewing the validity of real estate documentation (building permit, usage permit, amendment and modification, etc.)
  • In addition to the aforementioned, our colleagues in the agency fluently speak English and can present / explain all of the above regarding the property to the seller as well as the buyer
  • In the buying process we are physically with our customers from the beginning to the end, at every meeting of the buyer and the seller, when negotiating with the investor, the arrangement of the purchase method, with the attorney and the notary, during the transaction of the purchase price until the registration of the property on behalf of the buyer and the transfer direct costs from the vendor to the buyer as well as communication with the tax administration on behalf of the buyer.
  • Our agency works closely with a attorney office which offers legal advise and other legal work to our clients like checking of the status of the real estate, drafting of precontract and contract and preperation of groundbook entry.
  • Our website is in four languages ​​(German, English, Hungarian and Croatian) with its own translation. Wer have a good textual and pictorial presentation, and if necessary video presentation.
  • Marketing and advertising work directly on Google across Europe with an emphasis on the German speaking area, YouTube channel, Facebook, various domestic and foreign media for real estate advertising and through partner agencies abroad.
  • We have been working constantly for more than 18 years, the same job in the same city.
We hope that you have recognized us through this brief description as a professional and responsible partner for real estate sales, which are always close to you and as such, we can provide the utmost care for your real estate. 

Mirakul Adria Ltd